Don’t Cry, Line those Eyes like a Top Model!


Are you completely fed up with eyeliner that smears all over your face and underneath your lashes giving you black raccoon eyes? Have you spent hundreds of dollars on the “best” brands and still had terrible results? Well here are my suggestions and pics for the top eyeliners of the year that I have used in movies, TV shows, and photo shoots In all kinds of weather for very long days on sweating actors that gave excellent results:

1). Tarte’s Amazonian Clay waterproof gel liner with Double-ended brush or the Amazonian clay pencil liner. This gel eyeliner is incredibly soft and comfortable, making it easy to line around the lashes on the top and bottom. Comes in great colors like blackest jet black, plum, Brown, bronze, indigo, and a nice olive green. Whether you smudge this around the top and bottom with a thin brush into the lashes, or try to make a straight line with the Gel liner on the top, once its dry it will stay beautiful and matte all day and not move!! ($24 at Ulta, Sephora)

2). Pop beauty’s in-liner black, in-liner blue, in-liner green made especially for the inside rim of the eyes, for tight lining, and for lining the inner rims of the lashes on the top and the bottom And absolutely no I wonder does it better. Designed by an ophthalmologist, this unique vegan friendly waterproof eyeliner was specifically made for the wetness of the inner rim of the eyes. AMAZING!!!! Hypoallergenic, fragrance free, paraben free, completely vegetable-based product and waterproof. And I mean waterproof!!! Give it a couple minutes to set and then you’re good to go. ($16 at

3). Stila’s Stay all day waterproof liquid eyeliner in felt tip pen form is phenomenal for top lid lining and the perfect Cat Eye. This eyeliner will literally stay all day just like it’s name. Be sure to line the inner top rim underneath the lashes with pop beauty’s in liner black or blue before you use a liquid on top. This will make your eye really pop and look clean like a supermodel!

Remember, liquid liner is never never ever ever made to go on the bottom of your eye, only on the top of the lid (unless you’re doing a 1960’s retro look!). Liquid liner on the bottom lashes looks trashy and messy, Not to mention it will smear and crack and break apart throughout the day. Yuck.

Don’t buy cheap black eyeliners from the drugstore because honestly most of them are going to smear all over your face throughout the day. It’s not worth the $2.99 or $3.99 when you could spend more money and actually have it look great all day. These are my choices and they are tried-and-true. I have put them through major heat and sweat tests and they have made it out with straight A’s!

Peace, love, and make up,






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