Tips for Great Halloween Makeup!!

It’s that time again! Time for ghosts and goblins, witches and zombies to come out at night and play! But what to use for the make up, hmmmm…
If you live in a big city like L A there are infinite possibilities for studio quality Halloween makeup including prosthetics, latex and silicone appliances, etc., but most costume makeup can be found right at home and at the local mall.

Before you buy the typical greasepaint kits from the drug store, Target, or the Halloween mart, be aware of all the mineral oil, petroleum, and parabens that are in those cheap products. Why break out from all the oil and expose yourself or your children to toxins you don’t need?? Some of the best reds and blacks are right there in your bathroom: use a favorite lipstick like Tarte cosmetics glamazon™ pure performance 12-hour lipstick in “wild”red really lasts and contains healthy, treatment oriented ingredients. Use this for blood or red tones on the face!

For black eyeliner that is going in your eye or your child’s eye I only chose Pop Beauty
INLINER Black. Formulated by an eye doctor, this 100% vegetable product is totally waterproof, tear proof, smudge proof, and sweat proof inside the rim of the eye and contains all natural ingredients. It’s the ONLY liner I know of that was made for lining the inside of the eye specifically and is safe for contacts and sensitive eyes.

Another black eyeliner that’s good for using on your or your childs face is Bare Essentuals Round the Clock Waterproof Eyeliner in “Midnight” (black).

If you need to smear black all over the face without causing a breakout and while keeping that strong color all night long, I highly recommend Tartes Amazonian Clay waterproof liner with double ended brush-awesome!!!


ZOMBIES, witches, superheroes, and more can be created with a simple homemade recipe for white face paint, just add colors from you eyeshadow palettes and black eyeliners at home:
Many commercial face paints contain chemicals you don’t want, such as heavy metals or allergens. Here is a recipe for a homemade white face paint you can make that uses natural, non-toxic ingredients. How to make White Face Makeup at home:

2 tablespoons solid white shortening
5 teaspoons cornstarch
1 teaspoon white flour
3-5 drops glycerin
Make the Face Paint

Mix the cornstarch and flour together.
Use a fork to blend in the shortening.
Slowly mix in the glycerin until you have a creamy mixture.
You can use this white face paint as it is or you can mix in a few drops of fruit juice or food coloring to attain any color you need. Be aware, adding colorings may result in tha product which could stain your skin.
Apply the face paint with a paintbrush or sponge, taking care to avoid getting it in the eyes.
To remove this face paint, first use a tissue to remove as much face paint as possible. Then wash the face with soap and warm water.
(Reprinted from chemistry by Ann Marie Helmenstein, PhD.)

Eyelash Glue is the Key:
Liquid Latex is nothing more than eyelash glue, and you can add homemade lumps just by adding bits of loose oatmeal from your kitchen before the latex dries to create an awesome zombie face! Also, spread eyelash glue on the face when makeup dries , using a cool blow dryer lightly dry a layer or 2 of the latex on the face, and then poke holes in it with your fingers. This will create poc-faced zombie skin! Use black and gray eye shadows for shading your zombie face!

Now for an easy FAKE BLOOD recipe if you need a drippy face or body blood:

-White corn syrup, Blue food coloring, Red food coloring, Cornstarch, Water

Place approximately one tablespoon of cornstarch into a bowl or large glass. Add half a cup of white corn syrup to the same container and mix thoroughly. Add about 1/4 to 1/8 of a cup of water to the mixture, to make it thick but still thin enough it can drip (about the consistency of blood!)
Next, add about 15 drops of red food coloring to the mixture and stir it in until it’s blended. Blood really isn’t bright red though, so that’s where the blue food coloring comes in. Start by adding one drop of blue food coloring and stir. The mixture will be thin at first, but once the corn syrup dries, with the help of the cornstarch, it will become stiffer, and will stick to just about anything. The good news is, it’s mostly sugar and water, so it’s very easy to wash the fake blood off when Halloween is over.

I hope this blog helps you and your kids to,have a safe and fun Halloween!!!