ANTI-AGING BEACH NAKEUP and dress couture!!!

How can you look sexy at the beach while you’re sweating and lounging about in the sun? Here’s what I’d highly recommend:
It cosmetics cc cream for natural, Poreless full coverage that’s sweat proof with SPF 50 and dark spot lightening treatment!
It’s all natural and paraben and cruelty free!


For even lighter coverage with the same SPF 50 and hydrolyzed collagen, hylauronic acid, and gorgeous finish, try the cc+veil spf50 in a compact form:


On your gorgeous body NOTHING feels or looks better and more flattering than MICHELLE JONAS beachy couture dresses, tops, shorts, and bathing suit covers:



I LOVE MIJO dresses! I’ve been doing makeup for her catalogue shoots and special clients like Heather Graham. Here’s our most recent shoot:


How to Book Beautiful Bridal Makeup and Hair!

It’s that time again-Wedding Season!! And what better way to celebrate brides than a little “how to” choose what I think is the loveliest Hair and makeup that fits you and your personality:). SO many former Brides have come to me after their wedding (when someone else did it) and say that their makeup was way too heavy or didn’t fit their personality or that they had to re-do it themselves after a random makeup artist did their face without understanding them as a person….

1) ALWAYS DO A HAIR and MAKEUP TEST before your big day. That’s my recommendation. You don’t need surprises like that on your big day:)

2) ALWAYS make sure your Makeup or hair person understands what you like and don’t like. DONT BE AFRAID TO COMMUNICATE with them. It’s the only way you’ll get what you want.

3) BE REALISTIC! if your hair is shoulder length , don’t expect a hairstylist to be able to create some of the updos below unless you buy her some hair Extentions to put in.

4) KNOW YOUR FACE. If you see a picture of a celebrity and you expect a makeup artist to make you look exactly like her, you may be disappointed. Remember that every face, eye shape, eye color, nose, eyebrows, mouth, lips, cheek bones, etc are different, but an artist should get you close to the vibe you are going for. Again, if you hate black eyeliner, say so! She or he should be able to show you options.

5) HAVE A STYLE. If your wedding is out in the woods, try some nice golds and bronzes ( at your comfort level). If your Wedding has a vintage or retro theme, try a nice red lip and black cat eye to go with your classic surroundings.

6). RELAX!! This is YOUR day and you should feel,beautiful and happy. Don’t let hair and makeup be a stress factor. Let it be fun!! Once you are happy with your artist (s) in the trials, relax, sit back, have a mimosa, put on some happy music and ENJOY!

7). CALL ME FIRST! LOL I use only waterproof, skin-like airbrush makeup that looks really natural. And I guarantee my work and your satisfaction:). I’ve also got several excellent hair and makeup people in my arsenal who feel the same way, . We serve all of California, Vegas and beyond (travel fees may apply).










Emmy Week Makeup and Fun!!!

Wow! Last week was a whirlwind of parties, escorting actress clients around to gift parties, doing some great makeup, and meeting really awesome new people!
I started on Tuesday with Shotime actress Jennifer Elise Cox (Web Therapy with Lisa Kudrow), taking her to some gift lounges in Beverly Hills. We had an awesome time!

Then on Thursday and Friday I met some very cool people at a private luxury gift lounge in a home on Sunset Plaza Drive Hosted by the MKG Group. I got to airbrush clients along with Airbrush Makeup creator Marc Harvey of Element 2 Beauty! We had an incredible time as well, Meeting Actors from breaking bad to NBC and ABC sitcoms.
I feel especially in love with Organic Skincare – Skinagain! Check out their website for Their incredible all-in-one face and I moisturizers that treat different skin conditions and ! They also support animal charities! Love!!!





On Saturday we saw an amazing, Incredible play at the Mark Taper Forum, starring Lorenzo Pisoni, followed by an after party at Maria’s Italian kitchen in downtown LA hosted by the incredibly talented Paige Patrone from (see website for story and more photos!) We hung out with Actors like Peter Dinklage from “Game of Thrones”! What a night!!

Sunday afternoon we were treated to the Pasadena Playhouse is opening performance of “Smoky Joe’s Café”, Followed by a night at the improv on Melrose in West Hollywood Hosted by friend and comedian Jeremy Beth Michaels.

Life in LA could not be any better thanks to all our wonderfully generous and talented friends!!!




The right natural looking makeup for you: Liquid foundations, BB creams, CC creams, and Tinted Moisturizers!

Every day people ask me what the difference is between a liquid foundation, a tinted moisturizer, a BB cream, and a CC cream? Which one looks the most natural? In other posts I will get more specific for each kind of foundation But for now were going to break down a few categories of foundation types and the amount of coverage they will give you.

So, you want to look great but “natural” which means different things to different people. I’ve met women who think that Mac studio fix looks natural and I’ve met women who have never worn ANY makeup in their lives who can’t even stand the look of tinted moisturizer and everyone in between. Here is MY opinion as a makeup artist for over 20 years in hollywood and abroad:

A) In a dry climate I recommend Liquid Foundation with a high def setting powder over it (ie, translucent setting powder-different from foundation powder). Liquids can give you anywhere from light coverage to full coverage and everything in between. Here are some of my favorites for a natural look:

#1-Urban Decay’s Naked Skin liquid foundation (Sephora and Ulta stores). This is a dewey, skin like, gel-based, medium, buildable coverage foundation that is absolutely gorgeous.
Just try it and you’ll fall in love. Lightest to Darkest color range is excellent too!
I set this foundation with no show no shine setting powder from POP beauty (comes in light, med, dark translucent).

#2-Nars liquid foundation.
This liquid provides sheer beautiful skin like coverage in Sheer Glow, a Hydrating formula or Sheer Matte. You can use this foundation for a light to medium coverage. Remember that hydration makes you look younger so don’t fool yourself into thinking that you should be wearing lots of powder if you live in a dry climate or if you”re older than 27! Lol

B) BB Creams: Great for a light to medium coverage and natural finish with a nice high SPF

#1-Smashbox BB cream. This is a nice light to medium coverage with a 35 SPF and a creamy matte finish. Remember to always use lots of oil free moisturizer underneath in a dry climate or everything will be a mess in two hours!

#2-Tarte BB cream has a gorgeous, silky finish. It gives very light coverage and basically just perfects your skin by cutting redness with beautifully soft color. Contains Amazonian Clay and 30 SPF.

C) CC Creams: Made for Color Correcting, Hydration, Pore Minimizing with Anti-Aging benefits. Light to light medium coverage with a natural finish.

#1-Lorac CC Cream Primarily functions as a color corrector and skin brightener. It contains hyaluronic acid, green tea, white tea, and Red Seaweed, all which help to calm redness, even out skin tones, and lock in water levels For optimal hydration. This is great in dry climates but I would wear it over a moisturizer. In humid climates you can probably get away with it as your moisturizer. Cc creams offer light to medium coverage and a natural finish.

#2-Pop Beauty Cc cream – color-adjusting beads to match your perfect complexion color! This antiaging, pore-tightening, natural finish cc cream will calm redness on contact, lock in moisture, and adjust to your exact skin tone. Amazing! Light to medium coverage.

3). Smashbox CC Cream. Claims to lighten spots on the face from sun damage or acne scarred skin. SPF 30! Nice, creamy finish. More dewy and hydrating than their BB Cream.

D) Tinted moisturizers:

#1-Tarte tinted moisturizers have a gorgeous finish. They are more hydrating and dewey than most bb creams and they give you a lovely glow with a sheer to light coverage for sure. SPF 20

As always, I recommend that you use Pop Beauty Face Magnet primer over your moisturizer and underneath ANY of these foundations, even if you think they have a primer built into them they will not stay on all day unless you put the pop primer under them. The pop primer with caffeine in it will also shrink your pores and offer extra physical sunblock protection, oil control for the t-zone, and anti-redness.

Also, do not use a powder foundation over these moisturizers or BB creams unless you want full coverage. Choose a high definition setting powder like bareMinerals mineral veil, pop beauty’s no-show no shine, or Smashbox loose High DEF setting powder.

If you have any questions let me know! Stay gorgeous inside and out:)









Primer for gorgeous skin under makeup!

Listen up, glamour queens and princesses!!! I’m going to give you the best possible face primer advice:

Go out to Ulta and get yourself a tube of POP BEAUTY’s FACE MAGNET PRIMER with Caffeine!!!!!
It is oil free, fragrance free, allergy tested, hypoallergenic, and paraben free and there is literally nothing better and no other face primer worth wasting your time and hard earned cash on. Seriously.

After you fill your skin with a nice water gel-type Moisturizer (oil free of course and as natural or organic a possible), take a generous dime-sized squirt of Face Magnet Primer and spread it all over your face, starting with your nose and T-Zone, getting it evenly over all the moisturizer. This is especially important if you have acne or rosacea. Face Magnet is so gentle that it was originally designed to treat rosacea, acne, and post-operation skin types. It’s great for peeling skin that is being treated with retinol or retin-A, as well as dried out acne skin, eczema, and sun burns. ZINC is the main ingredient in Face Magnet Primer along with caffeine to shrink your pores, control oil for 10-12 hours ( I am a witness to this from using it on movie sets and photo shoots for long 14 hour days) and kill acne!!! And IT WORKS!!!!!

It won’t feel like a typical greasy, slippery silicone primer. This puppy looks and feels like oil free, natural sunblock so it really GRABS your liquid, powder,mineral, cream, or airbrush makeup, and gives it 2-4 times its normal coverage and crazy, all day, sweat proof staying power.

Try Pop Beauty’s Face Magnet Primer under makeup or without makeup (I use it on men too for pore minimizing, anti-shine, and oil control) and join the gorgeous believers! You’ll thank me I promise!!!


Love, peace, and makeup-

How should I Cleanse and Moisturize My Face??

Every day people ask me, “What should I use to cleanse my face?”
As if that was going to fix every problem they are having with their skin. If you live in a dry climate like Southern California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico or Utah your Skincare regimin is going to be different than your friends or family who live in southern climates or humid climates Like Florida, the south, the northwest, and the east coast. In a dry climate the most important thing is that you are using extremely hydrating oil free moisturizer and lots of it as I mentioned in my earlier post. Here’s a quick great way to make it simple:

1). Wash your face with a gentle exfoliator such as philosophy’s microdelivery cleanser Or yes to blueberries exfoliating cleanser.

2). Use this with warm water and a spin brush like a Clarisonic at least once a day, Preferably at the end of the day so that it cleans off all of your dirt, bacteria, Dead skin, and makeup.

Avoid anything from Clean And Clear, Clearasil, or Proactive in a dry climate. These types of cleansers contain alcohol, benzoyl peroxide, and harsh ingredients that will only dry your skin out, triggering your face to shoot out more oil and thus creating more acne!!! It’s true, Over-the-counter acne medicines can create more acne in a dry climate because it is stealing from your skin’s water level. Your skin has to have most of it filled up with water in order to be healthy and not dry or oily. Your skin shoots out oil when it’s too dehydrated as an emergency sprinkler system. That’s why the best way to cleanse is with a gentle Microdermabrasion cleanser containing gentle beads like rice beads (Not St. Ives apricot cleanser!-Too harsh! ) and a spin brush with warm water.

So remember the best way to keep your skin healthy and clean and clear is to use gentle exfoliation every day along with times of hydration and a great moisturizer, Preferably with organic ingredients and without parabens or other known toxins and chemicals like Alba botanicals Green tea and aloe oil free moisturizer ($14.99 at Target).

Love, peace and makeup, Victoria





No more acne!!!-For Southern California and other Dry Climates

Everyday people ask me, “Why am I breaking out?” This seems to be the number one question from my actors, models, and many other clients. 95% of the time I find out that they’re not moisturizing correctly, Not moisturizing at all, or they are under moisturizing. They think that moisturizer will “break me out “. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

In a dry and hot climate like Southern California, Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico the number one cause of acne is DEHYDRATION. Your skin creates extra oil when its water levels are low which causes you to break out because the oil collects on the face and attaches itself to dirt and Bacteria, trapping them in the pores and clogging them turning them into acne. Using a lightweight, oil free Moisturizer or Water-gel can make everything go away. Let me explain.

DRY Skin Creates Oily Skin!!!! For some reason, mostly a result of marketing by major skincare companies and make up companies as well as many dermatologists, people tend to believe that Moisturizers are “BAD” if they have oily skin. Actually the truth is the exact opposite: The reality is that your skin has to be completely hydrated-about 72 to 80% full of water in order to be pH balanced, meaning normal. If you don’t moisturize or if you dry your skin out with acne products, antiacne treatments, Proactive, Clearasil, Clean and Clear, antibiotics, Retinols, and Anything with Benzoyl peroxide or alcohol, skin will fight you back by shooting out more oil creating more acne. It’s a terrible cycle to get stuck in, but you can fix it!

What to use for moisturizer??? My favorite is a big scoop of ALBA oil free green tea and aloe moisturizer, only $14.99 at Target! I say a big scoop because you can’t just dot it on, use a generous scoop and let it soak in for a minute, filling up that skin with the water it needs to stay soft and dry and not get oily. Another really great one is “take a deep breath” by Philosophy. I’m not a fan of hope in a jar think it’s too heavy for a lot of people, but this new blue oxygen Water gelis amazing give it a try! Remember to give your skin about three to five minutes to soak up a big chunk of moisturizer, you’ll be happy you did because your skin will stay nicer throughout the day.

Stay away from drugstore products like Oil of Olay, Neutrogena, users and the like. What’s wrong with them? Well they have waxes and heavy fillers that tend to clog your skin as well, not to mention some of these products contain or have contained toxic preservatives like parabens, BHT, and formaldehyde. Just because it says oil free it doesn’t always mean it’s the best. Stick to lightweight water gels and organic products For the best result. There are even organic labeled products that contain parabens so make sure you read the label.

Your skin should always feel damp and comfortable, never tight and dry before you put on makeup. Then top that with a dime size drop of Pop Beauty’s Face Magnet Primer with caffeine to shrink up those pores, keeping oil and dirt out ($26 at Ulta and and you’re ready for gorgeous looking makeup application!

Love, Victoria:)